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Personal Journey

Wu Bin's journey into design began in his childhood, where he studied Chinese ink painting under the tutelage of Fu Wenyan, the last disciple of the legendary master artist Zhang Daqian.


This early exposure to Chinese art and aesthetics gave him a profound appreciation and knowledge base that he later applied to his pursuit of interior design. Unlike many designers who simply incorporate oriental visual symbols, Wu translated the archetypes of oriental architecture, painting, landscape, and aesthetic consciousness into a modernist design context, creating a unique design style he calls "Modern Orientalism."


Drawing inspiration from the rhythmic control of oriental gardens, the temporal spirit of time, and the scattered perspective of Chinese ink painting, Wu Bin harmoniously blends these cultural and artistic elements with Western design techniques. The result is a perfect balance between rationality and sensibility that resonates with modern audiences.


Through his visionary approach, Wu has established himself as a leading light in interior design, receiving accolades such as the 24th Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of The Year Award and six-time consecutive winner of  "AD 100."

Business Success

As the founder of WS Group, Wu has successfully launched multiple design and lifestyle brands, including W.DESIGN, WS SPACE, WEIMO, and HAISHANG.


His impressive portfolio ranges from commercial and residential projects, office spaces, hotels, public and cultural spaces that break the boundaries of traditional interior and exterior design, capturing the essence of traditional Chinese garden design and the core of modern Shanghai.


W.DESIGN is dedicated to the advancement of modern lifestyles and shaping the future. Over the years, it has delved deeply into the roots of traditional Chinese culture while developing its own unique design language called "Modern Orientalism." W.DESIGN is a visionary for the times, with a remarkable ability to iterate and reinvent, leaving a profound impact on Chinese design and the international lifestyle industry.


W.DESIGN comprises an international team with a professional system of architecture, interior design, soft furnishings, and product design that imbues each space with a unique value. The team has collaborated strategically with China ' s top 50 real estate brands, providing tailored solutions that cater to the needs of brands, businesses and consumers. Through exceptional designs and customized solutions, W.DESIGN has established a reputation for excellence in the design industry.

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